CC Students for Life

Lenoir, North Carolina

Rally and March for Life

January 21st, 2017

Raleigh, NC

Location: Doubletree by Hilton, Brownstone – University, 1707 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC 27605 

Schedule: Doors open at 9:00 am; buffet begins at 9:30 am; program starts at 10:00 am and ends by noon.

To register: Please click here.

(Limited Seating – Preregistration is required by January 16, 2017. Name tags will printed for all guests and will be the at the door.  It is important that all names be given to our office by the deadline to preregister.)

North Carolina Right to Life "Rally and March for Life"

Location: Halifax Mall on Lane Street, behind the Legislative Building and between Legislative Office and Education buildings.

Timeline: Rally beginning at 1:15 pm, immediately followed by the march

Parking: There is free parking across N. Salisbury Street from the Legislative Office Building.

Fore more information, click here.

10 Reasons to Attend the NC Rally & March for Life

Some pro-lifers think that there are better ways to spend our time, money, and energy in the fight to defend human life than to hold and participate in a March for Life.  They argue that we should be spending more time in prayer, not waving signs. Others say that if we really wanted to make a difference, we wouldn’t be marching down a street. If marching is all pro-lifers did, I might tend to agree with them. But, the March for Life in NC and DC has purpose and meaning in relation to all other pro-life work. Here are ten reasons why you should participate in a March for Life:

1. Show the world

Even if the mainstream media chooses to ignore the presence of thousands of people choosing to represent life, whoever sees you in the city won’t! This is a good way of showing others that people really do care about the cause of life.  Our lawmakers take note of our presence. After all, we want them to see that the pro-life movement is alive and growing.  The more pro-lifers that attend, the bigger the impact for the pro-life legislation we want to pass.

2. Spend time with friends

This can be a great bonding experience with like-minded people. Bring a friend and enjoy supporting a shared cause together. Encourage your youth group or church to march under its banner and make it a group function. 

3. Be encouraged

Abortion is a tragedy, and it can be easy to get discouraged. However, seeing crowds of enthusiastic young people, hearing some inspiring talks, and hanging out with thousands of other passionately pro-life people might be just what you need to recharge your hope. 

4. Learn something new

Between the multitude of signs, speakers, and free materials, chances are you’ll pick up a fact or two to help your knowledge of the pro-life world grow.

5. Network

Events like these bring out all kinds of people, and you never know who you’ll meet . Opportunities to make connections abound—and pro-lifers are typically excited to know and support people within the cause. 

6. It's fun!

We’re not just protesting abortion, we’re celebrating LIFE! So smile and enjoy yourself. We’re not crazy right wing terrorists who want to take away “rights,” we’re people who care deeply about other people, and the smile on your face will do more than all the anger in the world ever could. 

7. Everybody's doin' it

There are Marches for Life held across the country and internationally every January. Ours inNorth Carolina draws about 1,500 pro-lifers from across the state. The Washington, D.C.March attracts upwards of 250,000 people every year, and estimates place the 2011 attendance at 400,000! 

8. Peaceful but powerful

The D.C. March for Life, which is the inspiration for the NC March for Life and others across our country, is the longest-running peaceful protest in history. Every step you take is part of a historical event, and joining thousands of others in peaceful and prayerful demonstration is incredibly moving.

9. You never know who will see you

Sometimes our efforts feel fruitless, but you never know who will see you and be influenced for the better. Maybe that woman watching from a coffee shop is facing an unplanned pregnancy and needs to be reminded she’s not alone. Maybe six months from now the young man driving by will remember your “Men Regret Lost Fatherhood” sign when his girlfriend gets pregnant. Who knows whose life you can change, just by being there? 

10. It's a good cause

Ultimately, it’s all about the unborn babies and their mothers. They need our help, our support, our prayers, and our protection. Take some time to join others in this March for Life, and know that it’s not about you.

As for all those people who complain about the March for Life as an inefficient use of resources, they’d be right if this was all we did. But it’s not. The overwhelming majority of participants are those who live their pro-life convictions, and their attendance at the March is only one day out of the year. So don’t feel bad about taking time out of your day to attend—the babies will thank you. 
(Contributor: Erin Karlovich, NCRTL Assistant Director)